A Brief History

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In the fall of 2008, a group of six like-minded students, driven by love and a passion for justice, came together to bring the modern abolitionist struggle to the University of Colorado and the city of Boulder. They looked at the facts, read the stories, saw the plight of the 27 million people currently enslaved in our world today, and decided to do something about it. CUSAMS still holds to the beliefs of this core group of students- that ending slavery should be a forefront social issue in our society, that freedom is a right, and that using our role as students, we can help bring justice to the issue by advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Over the past two years, CUSAMS’ membership has expanded beyond the original six to a network of over 260 students, professors, community members, and partners in the abolition movement.

Student leaders were invited to meet with Cambodian Opposition Party leader and abolitionist, Mu Sochua, and were nominated to attend the Colorado Student Leadership Forum in Denver in May of ’09. Our events over the past two years have received attention from student abolitionists across the country and have been reported on by the Colorado Daily and the CU Independent (on multiple occasions).

CUSAMS has also been extremely priviledged to partner with….

…and several other frontliners.